SyncroPatch 384/768PE - Patch clamp meets HTS

The SyncroPatch 384PE (upgradeable to 768PE) is a high throughput patch clamp instrument recording from up to 384 (or 768) cells simultaneously. The SyncroPatch 384/768PE is the highest throughput patch clamp instrument on the market with giga-seal data quality. The benefits the SyncroPatch 384/768PE offers include:

  • Giga-seal recordings
  • Borosilicate recording substrates
  • >85 % success rates routinely achieved
  • External & internal exchange
  • Temperature control
  • Voltage & current clamp
  • Whole-cell & perforated patch clamp
  • Single- & multihole chips, produced in-house
  • Rseries compensation
  • Unlimited compound applications due to continuous waste removal
  • Small compound volumes
  • Voltage and ligand-gated ion channels (voltage clamp maintained at all times)
  • Cell lines and stem cells
  • Validated system for CiPA
  • Powerful analysis software (automated IV plot and IC50 calculation)

The SyncroPatch 384/768PE is the first high quality, automated patch clamp system with the potential to bridge the gap between primary and secondary ion channel drug screening. Designed for seamless integration into process-automated drug screening environments, the Patch Engine is a module which is equipped with 384 patch clamp amplifiers and an advanced 384 channel liquid handling robot, the Biomek FXP . Both hardware and software have been fully tested and validated with leading players in industrial drug development to provide optimum performance in true HTS for ion channel screening. Up to two PE-modules can be integrated into one liquid handling robot with 768 individual amplifiers, enabling 768 recording wells to be measured simultaneously. Upgrade from 384 to 768 recording sites is straightforward and can be done on a later occasion.

With up to 20,000 data points per day per module, it is the most efficient platform on the market for high quality ion channel recordings. This outstanding efficiency is primarily due to fully parallel measurements from 384 cells, the 384-channel pipettor, and an exceptionally efficient control and analysis software.

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Features and Specifications

Technical Specifications of the SyncroPatch 384/768PE

PE Technical specification

SyncroPatch 384/768PE: Standard Delivery Package

The SyncroPatch 384PE includes:

  • Biomek FXP with a 384-pipettor arm and gripper
  • 1-2 Patch Engine Modules (and 1-2 amplifiers) for the measurement of 384 or 786 cells in parallel
  • PatchControl 384 and DataControl 384 software suite
  • Temperature-controlled cell hotel
  • Barcode scanner
  • NPC-384 borosilicate recording plates
  • Optional 8-channel pipetting head for ACS function


PatchControl 384

PatchControl 394PE

PatchControl 384 is a powerful graphical user interface for intuitive, quick and easy setup of voltage protocols and experimental parameters. As can be seen from the overview on the right, the recording wells are visualized and color-coded based on user-defined quality criteria, e.g. seal resistance, series resistance or capacitance. With one mouse click, the view switches to online analysis results, for example I/V curves or concentration-response curves

DataControl 384: The Analysis Software

DataControl 384 is used to visualize and analyze the PatchControl 384-data, employing user-defined data analysis templates. Results (automated IC50, EC50, IV relationship plot generation), compound information, and quality control parameters are exported together in a user-defined export format, automatically generating pdf-reports, and preparing the data for further database integration. This process is straightforward, intuitive and quickly accomplished.



NPC 384

The NPC-384 chip is a proprietary innovative product by Nanion Technologies, developed for the SyncroPatch 384/768PE. It is produced and quality-assured in-house at Nanion headquarters and shipped from Munich to our international customers. Different types of NPC-384 chips are available which should be chosen depending on cell size and application.

The borosilicate glass slide with the patch aperture is encased in a 384 well plate forming wells where the cells and external solutions are delivered. The design of the chip allows perfusion of the internal solution during an experiment.

Each NPC-384 chip contains 384 recording chambers. These sites can be used all at one time or single rows can be used. One chip can be measured on the SyncroPatch 384PE, 2 chips on the SyncroPatch 768PE in parallel. The recordings can be performed without user intervention. Additionally, the number of exchanges of either the internal or the external solution is unlimited.

Available chip types
  • "NPC-384, 1x medium resistance": One hole per well (Order # 221102)
  • "NPC-384, 1x medium resistance plus": One hole per well (Order # 221104)
  • "NPC-384, 4x medium resistance": 4 holes per well (Order # 221402)
  • "NPC-384, 8x medium resistance": 8 holes per well (Order # 221802)
  • "NPC-384, 9x medium resistance": 9 holes per well (Order # 221902)
  • "NPC-384, 1x high resistance": One hole per well (Order # 221101)
  • "NPC-384, 4x high resistance": 4 holes per well (Order # 221401)
  • "NPC-384, 8x high resistance": 8 holes per well (Order # 221801)
  • "NPC-384, 9x high resistance": 9 holes per well (Order # 221901)
  • "NPC-384, 1x low resistance": One hole per well (Order # 221103)
  • "NPC-384, 4x low resistance": 4 holes per well (Order # 221403)
  • Buffers and Solutions

    Buffers and Solutions for the SyncroPatch 384/ 768PE

    The buffers and solutions for the SyncroPatch 384/ 768PE are produced by an external partner, quality-assured in-house at Nanion headquarters and shipped from Munich to our international customers.

    Available buffers and solutions
    • "External Solution, 500 mL, standard": (Order # 083001)
    • "Internal Solution, 500 mL": Channel specific, to be specified by the customer (Order # 083002)
    • "Reagent Kit 10 L standard": 4x 500 mL Internal Solution (channel specific, to be specified by the customer); 12 x 500 mL Standard External Solution (Order # 082102)
    • "Reagent Kit 2.5 L standard": 1x 500 mL Internal Solution (channel specific, to be specified by the customer); 4 x 500 mL Standard External Solution (Order # 082101)

    SyncroPatch 384/768PE and CiPA

    CiPA - Comprehensive In Vitro Proarrhythmia Assay

    Nanion, a committee member of the Health and Environmental Science Institute (HESI) cardiac safety and HTS teams, has a long-standing interest and extensive experience in automated patch clamp screening of cardiac ion channels. Furthermore, label-free impedance and extracellular field potential recordings of stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (SC-CMs) is also available in our portfolio. Our instruments are used for safety screening by major pharmaceutical companies and CROs worldwide and we are happy to assist you in setting up your CiPA assays. The Comprehensive In Vitro Proarrhythmia Assay (CiPA) initiative aims to replace the preclinical hERG current assay required under the ICH S7B safety pharmacology guidelines and clinical TQT study, which provides a surrogate marker of Proarrhythmia, with more translationally relevant assessments of proarrhythmic risk (Sager et al., 2014). CiPA will achieve this by evaluating proarrhythmic risk of evolving drug candidates based on an understanding of the electrophysiologic mechanisms responsible for proarrhythmia linked to Torsades de pointes (TdP) and QT prolongation. The three components of CiPA include voltage clamp assessment of human ion channels, in silico reconstruction of electrophysiologic activity and confirmation using in vitro assays on human SC-CMs.

    Recommended Readings on the Role of the SyncroPatch 384/768PE in the CiPA study

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