Nanion Technologies
25. - 28.09.2016 | Meeting of the German Biophysical Society 2016

Conference Venue:  The University of Erlangen, Germany

Meet Conrad Weichbrodt at the Conference.

Conrad will give an oral presentation. Title: "Nanion's "no wish stays open" instruments for ion channel- & ion transporter research: From low noise single channel recordings to HTS 768 measurements in parallel."

Download the abstract here.

Nanion is proud to be sponsor of the Conference.

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25. - 29.09.2016 | 14th International Meeting of the European Calcium Society

Conference Venue:  Palacio de Congresos Conde Ansúrez, the University of Valladolid Conference Centre, Spain.

Nanion is proud to be sponsor of the Conference.

Prof. Carlos Villalobos will show in his presentation his data on Icrac and Isoc recordings on the Port-a-Patch Instrument.

Statement of Prof. Carlos Villalobos about the Port-a-Patch:

"We have used Nanion´s Port-a-patch for recording endogenous Icrac, the small calcium-release activated currents that are becoming very important in cell fate and cancer hallmarks. In addition, measurements were carried out in primary cultures of human, coronary, vascular-smooth muscle cells, a very difficult cell type to patch, and several normal and tumoral, epithelial cells. In the beginning I was very skeptical, because the currents are extremely small. However, the results were excellent and clear cut. It is possible to investigate the pharmacology and molecular biology of these channels during the phenotypic switches related to transdifferentiation, aging or tumorogenesis".

Nanions poster will be presented during the Conference. Title: "In- depth understanding of cell physiology with complementary Automated patch clamp, extracellular field potential and impedance recordings"

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29. - 30.09.2016 | 2nd Annual Neuroscience R&D Technologies, London

Conference Venue:  The Sheraton Skyline Hotel, Heathrow Airport, Haynes, United Kingdom

Meet Elena Dragicevic at the Conference.

Elena will give a company showcase presentation on MEA Technologies and present a poster. Title: "Electrophysiology in iPSC disease modelling: Microelectrode array (MEA) optogenetics and automated patch-clamp approaches."

Download the Poster abstract here.

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11.10.2016 | iForum Europe

Conference Venue:  Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Epinière, Paris, France.

Meet Krisztina Juhasz at the iForum.

Krisztina will present a poster. Title: "Pioneering iPS Cell Applications for Safety and Toxicity"

Download the poster abstract here.

Go to the conference website here.

13. - 14.10.2016 | Drug Discovery 2016 ELRIG

Conference Venue:  Echo Arena, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Meet Gesa Rascher-Eggstein at the Conference.

Go to the conference website here.

26. - 27.10.2016 | Nanion's 7th Annual User Meeting 2016

Venue:  Nanion headquarters, Gabrielenstrasse 9, Munich

Do not miss our Annual User Meeting to meet the team. Enjoy the great networking opportunities and learn about new applications and technologies.

The User Meeting starts at 13:00 o'clock on Wednesday the 26th and ends at 14:00 o'clock on Thursday the 27th of October.

We organize a symposium and wet lab demonstration on several of our instruments. The agenda and further information will be announced soon.

Please register here.