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Venue: Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, USA Meet Corina Bot and George Okeyo from Nanion Technologies, Inc. USA... Read More
SyncroPatch 384PE - Application Notes - NaV1.8 | 15/03/2017 | Downloads - From Products
Application Note Stability and reproducibility of hNaV1.8 recordings on Nanion's SyncroPatch 384PE(1.4 MB) Read More
Career | 14/03/2017 | Career
  Ausbildungsplatz 2017/18 im Bereich Mechatronik  Stellenbeschreibung:Die Nanion Technologies GmbH ist ein... Read More
Nanion Technologies Launches SURFE2R 96SE Instrument MUNICH, GERMANY - February 2, 2017 - Nanion Technologies is... Read More
Venue: University of Greifswald, Campus Loefflerstrasse, New Lecture Hall Building, Germany  Meet Maria Giustina... Read More
SyncroPatch 384PE - Application Notes - CaV1.2 Stability | 13/03/2017 | Downloads - From Products
Application Note Stability and Pharmacology of CaV1.2 Channels on Nanion's SyncroPatch 384PE(5.3 MB) Read More
Orbit 16 | 10/03/2017 | Orbit 16
Instant bilayers - just add protein. Bilayer recording typically means tedious waiting for bilayer formation, protein... Read More
SURFE2R | 10/03/2017 | SURFE2R
Catch the wave for transporters. Transporters, pumps and ion channels in diverse and heterologous membranes can be... Read More
Venue: Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre, Cambridge, UK  Meet Elena Dragicevic from the headquarters in... Read More
Venue: Sackville Street Building, University of Manchester, Sackville Street, Manchester M1 3BB, United Kingdom Meet... Read More