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NPC-1 NPC Chip Port-a-Patch Nanion TechnologiesNPC®-1 chips are used for the Port-a-Patch®. Their core structure is a planar borosilicate glass slide with its micron-sized patch aperture.

This structure is incorporated into a screw cap for easy handling and minimal cycle times between experiments.

Additionally, the unique design of the NPC® -1 chip gives similar access to the external and internal solution. Continuous perfusion of the internal solution has finally become possible!

Available default aperture sizes are:  1 - 2 MW, ~2MW, 2 - 3.5MW, ~3MW, 3 - 5 MW, 5 - 10 MW, 8 - 12 MW, 10 - 15 MW. Other sizes are available upon request!