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NPC-16 Chip Patchliner Nanion TechnologiesNPC®-16 chips are used for the Patchliner®. Each chip contains 16 recording chambers. Depending on the Patchliner® version (Quattro, Octo) 4 or 8 of these sites are used at a time. Three chips can be loaded onto the Patchliner®, meaning that 48 recordings can be performed without user intervention.

The borosilicate glass slide with the patch aperture is encased in a cartridge forming the microfludic channels through which the solutions are delivered. With the clever design of the chip the internal solution can also be changed during an experiment.

Additionally, the number of exchanges of either the internal or the external solution is unlimited.

Available default aperture sizes are:  1.5 - 2 MW (low resistance), 1.8 - 3 MW (medium resistance),  3 - 5 MW (high resistance). Other sizes are available upon request!


NPC-16 Chip Patchliner Nanion Technologies