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Software for the Port-a-Patch®

PatchControl - Electrophysiology SoftwarePatchControl is a software programme written with the user in mind. Pre-written protocols can be loaded and altered, allowing the entire procedure for cell capture, sealing and obtaining the whole cell configuration to be completely automated. However, because we know that sometimes you just want to control things yourself, the protocols can be interrupted at any time and the suction controlled manually.

Through innovative communication with electrophysiology software, PatchControl can read important parameters such as membrane resistance, whole cell capacitance and series resistance and moves through the pre-programmed steps accordingly. Parameters such as suction strength and duration, voltage and membrane criteria can be set and altered to obtain the optimum parameters for cells routinely used in your lab. Not only that, complex macros can be easily implemented, allowing everything from simple changes in gain to complex perfusion routines to be programmed and automatically performed.

The PatchControl software is there to make your patch clamp life easier, from automated cell capture to automated pressure control, the PatchControl software can do it all!