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External Perfusion System

External Perfusion Port-a-Patch Portapatch Solution Exchange NanionThe External Perfusion System for the Port-a-Patch® is comprised of a computer controlled magnetic pinch valve panel and a dedicated flow chamber. Up to eight different solutions can be handled by the perfusion panel. Solutions can either be switched manually or via the software. The latter allows synchronization of data acquisition with solution exchange, as well as tagging of the collected traces with relevant information such as compound and concentration applied. Temperature Control is also available in combination with the External Perfusion System enabling a stable maintenance of elevated temperatures. 

Two different flow chambers are available for the External Perfusion System. The Laminar Flow Chamber is included with the standard system. For ultra-fast perfusion, there is an additional perfusion chamber allowing solution exchange times as fast as 15 ms (0-100%) in the whole cell configuration.

The External Perfusion System is ideal for studies of both ligand and voltage gated channels.


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