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Port-a-Patch® - Reaching inside the cell

Internal Perfusion Port-a-Patch Intracellular Analysis Dose Response NanionNanion’s planar patch clamp chips offer the unique possibility to perfuse the intracellular side of the membrane. This aspect is exploited with the Internal Perfusion System for the Port-a-Patch®. Up to eight different solutions can be perfused inside the cell, allowing dose response analysis of compounds acting on the cytosolic portion of the ion channel. Second messengers and metabolites can also be added internally to investigate how ion channel function is affected. Solutions are exchanged within seconds, and the ion channel modulation can be continuously monitored during the solution exchange.

products-pap-internal-perfusion2-330The Internal Perfusion System is an Add-On for the Port- a-Patch®. Combined with Nanion’s Perfusion System it can be operated either manually, or fully computer controlled. In this way, data acquisition can be synchronized with solution exchange and traces automatically tagged with the compound information.




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