Celebrating 20 years of Patching Innovation with 20% off!

The Port-a-Patch is 20 years in the market and to celebrate its anniversary, we are offering 20% discount* on all Port-a-Patch systems:

• Port-a-Patch Light, Basic, Perfusion and Premium.
• Port-a-Patch mini.

Schedule a demo with us and learn how Port-a-Patch can help you accelerate your research.

  • Offer valid until 31.12.2023. Current users may be eligible for upgrades.


Small yet powerful.

The Port-a-Patch is a turn-key miniaturized patch clamp system enabling the user to rapidly generate high quality data, regardless of experience. This makes it ideal as an easy-to-use tool for learning patch clamp electrophysiology. Behind its small and compact appearance lies sophisticated technology, producing high-quality measurements with giga-seals and high success rates in most common recording configurations. Its strength and flexibility are found in multiple add-ons, providing the user with a powerful tool for ion channel research.

Enjoy electrophysiology!

The Port-a-Patch is a small and easy-to-use complete patch clamp setup with multiple add-ons available to make sure you get the right configuration for your application.