Welcome to Nanion Technologies

Committed to high performance electrophysiology

Nanion combines trusted scientific support with exceptional instrumentation to accelerate successful drug development and scientific discoveries. Our broad range of applications and user-friendly assay solutions can be tailored to your needs to enhance and improve your research projects. Our mission is to become your first-choice partner in life science research, by providing outstanding instrumentation and expertise in order to accelerate scientific development, drug discovery and ultimately improve lives.

Our journey

Establishing communities

We are proud to have built a global network and relationships to almost all pharmaceutical companies and universities worldwide. As an international company with sites in Germany, Denmark, Japan, China, USA and further global distribution partners, we base our success on developing and maintaining good connections with our partners and customers.

Meet the team

Through our employees, we have a wealth of ion channel and electrophysiological expertise and base our technological developments on the needs of our academic and industrial customers. At our headquarters, engineers, scientists, and software developers work closely together under one roof to produce, assemble, improve, and test every one of our devices and every batch of consumables, so that you can be sure of the very best quality.

Strength through collaborations

Our success relies on maintaining excellent relationships with our partners. By working together, we aim to provide greater benefits to the scientific communities, regardless of research focus.


Research grants: helping scientists achieve their experimental goals

The Nanion Research Grant Initiative aims to support the scientific community by providing researchers with cutting-edge tools for an extended period of time. Grant winners can expect to not only perform their experiments by using new technologies for several months but also be provided with consumables and ongoing technical and scientific support throughout the grant period from our team of experts.