For all your cellular research needs

Whether you are an academic, part of a CRO, or developing a new drug, you’re undertaking scientific work in various research application areas. From ion channel research to drug discovery assay development, our instrumentation portfolio covers a vast majority of electrophysiology applications. It is through the development of new technologies and solutions, that we aim to support the success of various research applications, tailored to your needs. We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you.

Application areas

Ion channels

Ion channels are our expertise.

ion channels

High-throughput mechanical stimulation.

Transporter targets

Research beyond ion channels.

Pores and channels

Big insights from small molecular structures.

Assay development
and validation

Accelerating your research with exceptional assays.

Drug Discovery

Search for new and better treatments.

Cell / iPSCs profiling

Cell models of human physiology.