Welcome to the next level of live-cell analytics

AtlaZ accelerates cellular research by enabling comprehensive investigation of cell behavior over time.


Simplicity you will love

You have the option to select various recording modes for each plate. The Cytolysis Mode allows for investigations into cell-killing kinetics, the Cell Monitoring Mode facilitates the assessment of GPCR distal effects, and the TEER signal Mode enables the examination of barrier integrity. Measuring the Cell Signal across all available frequencies gives a deeper understanding of a wide range of physiological effects in cells.

See how AtlaZ can accelerate your research

With label-free, real-time monitoring, AtlaZ captures kinetic and phenotypic information. Simultaneously or independently recording data from six 96-well plates, it delivers unparalleled quantity and quality of data. The system's methodology is based on electrical impedance spectroscopy, and ensures high-throughput for cellular experiments.