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    Nanion Technologies: Smart Tools for Ion Channel Research

  • SyncroPatch 384i: HTS Automated Patch Clamp

    SyncroPatch 384i: HTS Automated Patch Clamp

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    SURFE²R 96SE: Label-free HTS Transporter Screening

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    Dynamic Clamp: Patchliner

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    Bilayer recordings: Orbit product family

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    CardioExcyte 96 SOL: Pacing Cardiomyocytes with Light

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SyncroPatch 384

SyncroPatch 384





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Port-a-Patch mini

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Buffer Solution

SyncroPatch 384 - For all your patch clamp needs

The new SyncroPatch 384 is a revolutionary automated patch clamp system consisting of a patch clamp module integrated into the state-of-the-art pipetting robot Biomek i5. With 384 amplifier channels and a 384-pipetting head, all 384 cells are recorded in parallel, resulting in a throughput of 20,000 data points per day. With its ease-of-use and open design, the SyncroPatch 384 supports full automation and integration into HTS environments.

But the SyncroPatch 384 is more than a high throughput screening system and can be implemented into all your electrophysiology projects, whatever your throughput needs. The 32-well mode of operation is ideal for smaller screening projects and academic research and takes full advantage of the economical price of the NPC-384 chip. Choose the number of parallel recordings that you need in multiples of 32, you can use the remaining wells over several days. Alternatively, you can use the SyncroPatch 384 in unattended mode for fully automated experiments for over 8 hours.

The exceptional data quality and flexibility have made the SyncroPatch 384 the preferred 384-channel automated patch clamp system for global pharmaceutical companies, CROs and academic institutions alike.

Key Features 

  • Giga-seal recordings
  • 384 wells recorded simultaneously
  • 32-well mode for smaller compound screens and research projects
  • >85% success rates routinely achieved
  • Fast external solution exchange (up to 110 µl/s) for fast desensitizing ligand-gated ion channels
  • Internal solution perfusion while recording – monitor activation via the internal solution as it happens e.g. calcium activated K+-channels.
  • Advanced temperature control for experiments at lowered or raised temperature (range 10-37°C) comes as standard
  • Current clamp capability included as standard feature
  • Single hole chips for the cell lines with high expression and multi-hole chips for those with lower expression. All produced in-house
  • Sample collection for concentration verification possible
  • Benefit from exceptional service and support

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Hardware and Software

  • Nanion's patch clamp chips are made of borosilicate glass, just like manual patch clamp pipettes, resulting in low capacitance, low compound adsorption plus excellent patch/seal properties.
  • On-deck compound plate preparation – no need for a separate pipetting robot for compound preparation or to prepare compound plates manually.
  • Advantageous volume to surface ratio in measurement chamber preventing loss of sticky compounds to non-specific binding and proper mixing for accurate in-well compound concentration
  • Unlimited compound applications - allows you to setup experiment without any volumetric restraints
  • Independent movement of gripper and pipetting head so that, e.g. compound lids can be removed without the need for pipette tips to be unloaded
  • Small compound volumes for expensive and hard-to-come-by toxins and antibodies
  • Powerful analysis software (flexible batch analysis, IC50 calculation, IV analysis, compatible with Genedata Screener)
  • z-prime calculation and heat maps gives you a fast and visual overview of your data
  • Setting up, editing and analyzing the easy way
  • Different modes of operation – standard and advanced – for simplicity whilst maintaining flexibility for experimental parameters
  • Choose your throughput – with the 32-well mode you can always choose the right throughput for your experiment


  • Voltage- and ligand-gated ion channels can be recorded with equally good success rates
  • Cell consumption is small – compatible with stem cell and primary cell use
  • Validated on a wide range of ion channels in recombinant cell lines
  • The SyncroPatch 384 instruments have taken part in the CiPA validation study
  • Suitable for ALL phases in drug discovery
  • Data can be exported in a variety of formats for easy analysis with external tools
  • Flexible enough for the wide range of CRO assays

For detailed information:

Features and Specifications


Technical Specifications of the SyncroPatch 384

SyncroPatch 384 Technical Specifications

SyncroPatch 384: Standard Delivery Package

The SyncroPatch 384 includes:

  • Biomek i5 with a 384-pipettor arm, gripper and temperature-controlled deck positions
  • Temperature-controlled patch clamp module
  • Amplifier (384 channels) incl. current clamp
  • Windows 10 OS with PatchControl 384 and DataControl 384 software suite
  • Guided Labware Setup and Method Launcher
  • Temperature-controlled cell hotel
  • Barcode scanner
  • NPC-384 borosilicate recording chips
  • Optional service plans for unmatched




PatchControl 384

PatchControl 394

PatchControl 384 is a powerful graphical user interface for intuitive, quick and easy setup of voltage protocols and experimental parameters. The recording wells are visualized and color-coded based on user-defined quality criteria, e.g. seal resistance, series resistance or capacitance. With one mouse click, the view switches to online analysis results, for example I/V curves or concentration-response curves.

DataControl 384: The Analysis Software

DataControl 384 is used to visualize and analyze the PatchControl 384-data, employing user-defined data analysis templates. Results (automated IC50, EC50, IV relationship plot generation), compound information, and quality control parameters are exported together in a user-defined export format, automatically generating pdf-reports, and preparing the data for further database integration. This process is straightforward, intuitive and quickly accomplished.

icon sp96   SyncroPatch presentation on the heatmap feature in DataControl  logo pdf   (7.1 MB) 




NPC 384

The NPC-384 chip is the cost-efficient and high quality consumable for the SyncroPatch 384. It is produced and quality-assured in-house at Nanion headquarters in Munich. Different types of NPC-384 chips are available which should be chosen depending on cell size and application.


The borosilicate glass slide with the patch aperture is encased in a 384 well plate forming wells where the cells and external solutions are delivered. The design of the chip allows perfusion of the internal solution during an experiment.


Each NPC-384 chip contains 384 recording chambers. These sites can be used all at one time or in 32-well mode, parts of the chip can be used in multiples of 32, and the remaining parts used over several days, without a reduction success rate. One chip can be measured on the SyncroPatch 384 and 25 chips can be stacked in the robot for unattended experiments. The open design of the chip makes sample collection and subsequent verification of compound concentration. Additionally, the number of exchanges of either the internal or the external solution is unlimited. NPC-384 chips can be purchased as single hole per well for GOhm seals, or multi-hole per well to increase measured current amplitude and improve success rate.<hr/ >

Available chip types
  • "NPC-384, 1x medium resistance": One hole per well (Order # 221102)
  • "NPC-384, 1x medium resistance plus": One hole per well (Order # 221104)
  • "NPC-384, 4x medium resistance": 4 holes per well (Order # 221402)
  • "NPC-384, 1x high resistance": One hole per well (Order # 221101)
  • "NPC-384, 4x high resistance": 4 holes per well (Order # 221401)
  • "NPC-384, 1x low resistance": One hole per well (Order # 221103)
  • "NPC-384, 4x low resistance": 4 holes per well (Order # 221403)
  • "NPC-384, 8x": 8 holes per well (Order # 221801)
  • Buffer Solutions

    Buffers and Solutions for the SyncroPatch 384/384i/768i

    Reliable buffer solutions are critical for any electrophysiological application. Our goal, therefore, is to provide high-class recording solutions that leave you in no doubt about quality and stability. Our quality assurance includes chemical tests as well as tests on our patch clamp systems of each lot. Our buffers are shipped with the corresponding "Certificates of Analysis" and "Material Safety Data Sheets" (MSDS).

    Available buffers and solutions
    • "External Standard", 500 mL: (Order # 08 3001)
    • "External Standard Ca 10", 500 mL: (Order # 08 3012)
    • "External NMDG 60", 500 mL: (Order # 08 3004)
    • "External NMDG 60 Ca 10", 500 mL: (Order # 08 3011)
    • "External [-] Ca2+ [-] Mg2+", 500 mL: (Order # 08 3003)
    • "Internal CsF 110", 500 mL: (Order # 08 3008)
    • "Internal KF 110", 500 mL: (Order # 08 3007)
    • "Washing solution", 5 L: (Order # 08 3010)

    Data and Applications

    Testimonials & Case Studies


    Basic principles of external solution exchange and compound addition

    Also applies to the SyncroPatch 384


    Webinars and Movies



    Application Notes


    Product Sheets







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