• Our CiPA Instruments

    HESI FDA BAA study: "Assessing variability and reproducibility of manual and automated patch clamp platforms"

  • CiPA hERG Protocol

    This protocol was used for hERG studies on the Patchliner and SyncroPatch 384PE.

  • HTS CiPA hERG Assay

    Effects of Cisapride using the CiPA hERG protocol on the SyncroPatch 384PE

  • Myocyte & Ion Channel Effects

    Arrhythmic Field potentials in iPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes (CardioExcyte 96) and hERG current inhibition (SyncroPatch 384PE)

  • Gigaseal HTS patch clamp

    CiPA-specified cardiac ion channels recorded at high throughput

  • Gigaseal HTS patch clamp

    High throughput recordings of cardiac ion channels at physiological temperature

  • CardioExcyte 96 screening tool

    CardioExcyte 96 with integrated liquid handling for cardiac safety screening

2022 - Cardiosafety Testing Based on CiPA - at Scale with SyncroPatch 384 and Genedata Screener

 icon sp96  SyncroPatch 384 poster, SLAS 2022  logo pdf   (1.3 MB)


The direct interaction between the SyncroPatch 384 instrument and Genedata Screener enables seamless, rigorous analysis of hERG, Nav1.5, and other CiPA-mandated ion channel assays in an automated workflow. It makes it easier to consistently apply CiPA guidelines to large-scale, early discovery screens and incorporate them as part of standard operating procedure, including full data traceability and reporting.

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