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2019: High content in vitro cell monitoring effects of adjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer and cancer treatment-related cardiomyopathy (SOT)
Poster: Combining electrophysiology and contractility recordings for more complete assessment of hiPSC-CMs
Poster: Next level toxicity screening: From single channel to overall cell behavior (SFET 2016)
Poster: Complementary automated patch clamp, extracellular field potential and impedance recordings of iPSCs: safety screening tool box for the future (SPS 2015)
Poster: Investigations into idiosyncratic drug-induced hepatotoxicity and chronic proliferation of cancer cells using a label-free method (BPS 2018)
Poster: Optogenetic technologies enable high throughput ion channel drug discovery and toxicity screening
Poster: Assessment of Drug Effects on Cardiomyocyte Function: Comprehensive In Vitro Proarrhythmia Assay (CiPA) Results
Poster: A Sensor Based Technique for Pharmacological Safety Testing of Cardiac Transport Proteins NCX, NaKATPase and Respiratory Chain Complexes (SPS 2018)
Poster - Cell Monitoring using Multi-Frequency Impedance Recordings for Label-free and Time-resolved Cell Response Analysis
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