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 icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro publication in Journal of Colloid Interface Science (2019)
Cellular uptake of self-assembled phytantriol-based hexosomes is independent of major endocytic machineries.

icon pap   Port-a Patch,   icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro and   Icon Orbit Mini   Orbit mini publication in PLOS Biology (2019)
Structure of the human ClC-1 chloride channel.

icon pap   Port-a Patch  and   icon vpp    Vesicle Prep Pro Publication in PLOS Computational Biology (2019)
Molecular understanding of calcium permeation through the open Orai channel.

icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro Publication in Advanced Biosystems (2019)
Self‐Assembly of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles by Film Hydration Methodologies.

icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro publication in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes (2019)
Hepatitis B virus X protein induces size-selective membrane permeabilization through interaction with cardiolipin.

icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro Publication in IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience (2018)
Development of an on-chip antibiotic permeability assay with single molecule detection capability.

icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro publication in ascb Molecular Biology of the Cell (2018)
Cargo induces retromer-mediated membrane remodeling on membranes.

icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro publication in the Molecular Motors. Methods in Molecular Biology (2018)
Methods for Single-Molecule Sensing and Detection Using Bacteriophage Phi29 DNA Packaging Motor.

icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro publication in Cell and Tissue Biology (2018)
Regulation of the Pore-Forming Activity of Cecropin A by Local Anesthetics.

icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro publication in Biophysical Journal (2018)
Visualizing Tension and Growth in Model Membranes Using Optical Dyes.

icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro publication in New Journal of Chemistry (2018)
Phase partitioning, solvent-switchable BODIPY probes for high contrast cellular imaging and FCS.

icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro and   icon pap   Port-a-Patch publication in Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics (2018)
An aromatic cluster in Lysinibacillus sphaericus BinB involved in toxicity and proper in-membrane folding.

icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro publication in Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces (2018)
Hybrid vesicles from lipids and block copolymers: Phase behavior from the micro- to the nano-scale.

Icon Orbit Mini   Orbit mini and   icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro publication in Science Advances (2018)
Structures of monomeric and oligomeric forms of the Toxoplasma gondii perforin-like protein 1.

icon pap   Port-a-Patch and   icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro pre-print in BioRXiv (2018)
Molecular mechanism of the Orai channel activation.

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