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 icon sp96   SyncroPatch 384 publication in The Journal of Physiology (2021)
The suitability of high throughput automated patch clamp for physiological applications

 icon sp96   SyncroPatch 768PE (a predecessor model of the SyncroPatch 768i instrument) publication in The Journal of Clinical Investigation (2020)
Striatal Kir2 K+ channel inhibition mediates the antidyskinetic effects of amantadine

 icon sp96   SyncroPatch 384i publication (Supplement) in Neurology (2020) 94(15):5571
Augmenting BK Channel Function as Therapy for Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA) (5571)

 icon sp96   SyncroPatch 384PE (a predecessor model of the SyncroPatch 384i instrument) pre-publication in BioRxiv (2020)
Computer modeling of whole-cell voltage-clamp analyses to delineate guidelines for good practice of manual and automated patch-clamp.

icon sp96   SyncroPatch 384PE (a predecessor model of the SyncroPatch 384i) publication in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A (2020)
Accounting for variability in ion current recordings using a mathematical model of artefacts in voltage-clamp experiments.

icon sp96  SyncroPatch 768PE (a predecessor model of the SyncroPatch 768i) pre-publication in bioRxiv (2020)
GS-967 and Eleclazine Block Sodium Channels in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Cardiomyocytes.

 icon sp96   SyncroPatch 384PE and  icon pl  Patchliner article in Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology (2020)
A systematic strategy for estimating hERG block potency and its implications in a new cardiac safety paradigm.

icon sp96   SyncroPatch 384PE Publication in PNAS (2020)
Mechanism and site of action of big dynorphin on ASIC1a.

icon sp96   SyncroPatch 96 (a predecessor model of the SyncroPatch 384i) Publication in Journal of Vascular Research (2020)
Novel Expression of GABAA Receptors on Resistance Arteries That Modulate Myogenic Tone.

icon sp96   SyncroPatch 384PE publication in Cardiovascular Research (2019)
Pharmacological activation of IKr in models of long QT Type 2 risks overcorrection of repolarization.

 icon sp96   SyncroPatch 384PE,   icon pl  Patchliner and icon pap   Port-a-Patch review article in Current Protocols in Pharmacology (2019)
Role of High‐Throughput Electrophysiology in Drug Discovery.

icon sp96   SyncroPatch 384PE (a predeccessor model of the SyncroPatch 384i) publication in Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology (2019)
Functional consequences of a KCNT1 variant associated with status dystonicus and early‐onset infantile encephalopathy.

icon sp96   SyncroPatch 384PE Pre-publication in bioRxiv Biology (2019)
High-throughput reclassification of SCN5A variants.

icon pap   SyncroPatch 768PE Publication in Annals of Neurology (2019)
Spectrum of KV2.1 Dysfunction in KCNB1‐Associated Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

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