• FoF1

    Experiments on the SURFE²R N1 show the action of the ATPase after application of ATP.

2003 - Charge displacements during ATP-hydrolysis and synthesis of the Na+-transporting FoF1-ATPase of Ilyobacter tartaricus

Icon N1   SURFE²R-technology (custom-built system) publication in Biophysical Journal (2003)

Burzik C., Kaim G., Dimroth P., Bamberg E., Fendler K.

Biophysical Journal (2003) 85(3):2044-2054


Transient electrical currents generated by the Na+-transporting FoF1-ATPase of Ilyobacter tartaricus were observed in the hydrolytic and synthetic mode of the enzyme. Two techniques were applied: a photochemical ATP concentration jump on a planar lipid membrane and a rapid solution exchange on a solid supported membrane. We have identified an electrogenic reaction in the reaction cycle of the FoF1-ATPase that is related to the translocation of the cation through the membrane bound Fo subcomplex of the ATPase. In addition, we have determined rate constants for the process: For ATP hydrolysis this reaction has a rate constant of 15–30 s−1 if H+ is transported and 30–60 s−1 if Na+ is transported. For ATP synthesis the rate constant is 50–70 s−1.

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