• MscL

    Opening of MscL channels in patches excised from GUVs under different conditions.

    Birkner et al. (2012)

MscL | Large Conductance Mechanosensitive Channel

Bacterial mechanosensitive channels, large conductance mechanosensitive channel

MscL is encoded by trkA. The protein contains two transmembrane helixes (M1 and M2). The channel is a homopentamer of the protein.

Regulation and Function:
MscL is responsible for translating physical forces applied to cell membranes into electrophysiological activities. MscL has a relatively large conductance, 3 nS, making it permeable to ions, water, and small proteins when opened.

Data and Applications

MscL - Pressure Clamp Experiments

p16 2 MscLicon pap   Port-a-Patch and   icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro data and applications:

The Port-a-Patch and the Suction Control Pro was used to study the effect of pressure on functional MscL protein reconstituted in GUVs. Using symmetrical KCl solutions, MscL gating was observed at -30 mBar and -60 mBar (holding potential + 30 mV), shown as outward currents in the data traces.

MscL - Pressure Activation

Vesicle prep pro MscLicon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro data and applications:
Data were kindly supplied by Prof. Boris Martinac, University of QLD, Brisbane, Australia.

Pressure activation of MscL. The MscL channel is gated by pressure, where single channel activity was recorded at 30 mV at the indicated negative hydrostatic pressure. Nanion provides a dedicated suction control device for pressure clamp, found under the Port-a-Patch section.

Application Notes


2022 - Photoactivation of a Mechanosensitive Channel

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2014 - Studying mechanosensitive ion channels with an automated patch clamp

icon pap  Port-a-Patch and   icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro publication in European Biophysics Journal (2014)

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2012 - Hydrophobic gating of mechanosensitive channel of large conductance evidenced by single-subunit resolution

icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro publication in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2012)

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2011 - Bacterial mechanosensitive channels as a paradigm for mechanosensory transduction

icon pap   Port-a-Patch publication in Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry (2011)

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