• P2X4

    Averaged current traces from P2X4-WT (red), and P2X4-G135S (blue) in response to ATP (100 𝜇M), measured on the Patchliner

    Sadovnick et al. (2017)

P2X4 | P2X Purinoceptor 4

Purinergic Receptors P2X

The P2X family belongs to the P2 receptors superfamily which has further been divided into five subclasses: P2X, P2Y, P2Z, P2U, and P2T. The ligand-gated purinergic receptor class P2X contains seven members (P2X1 - P2X7).

One molecule is composed of only two transmembrane domains and contains a large extracellular loop and intracellular carboxyl and amino termini

Regulation and Function:
P2X receptors are ligand-gated ion channels and are activated by extracellular ATP. Greatly distributed in neurons and glial cells, P2X receptors mediate a large variety of responses including fast transmission at central synapses, contraction of smooth muscle cells, platelet aggregation, macrophage activation, and apoptosis.


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