transient SGLT1 currents recorded on the SURFE2R N1

SGLT1 - Sodium/Glucose Cotransporter 1 - SLC5A1

Glucose transporters

Two families of glucose transporter have been identified:
GLUT family: The facilitated diffusion glucose transporter family, also known as 'uniporters'. Members are GLUT1 - GLUT14
SGLT family: The sodium-dependent glucose transporter family, also known as 'cotransporters' or 'symporters. The most well known members are SGLT1 and SGLT2. In addition to SGLT1 and SGLT2, there are five other members in the human protein family SLC5A, several of which may also be sodium-glucose transporters.

GLUTs are integral membrane proteins that contain 12 membrane-spanning helices with both the amino and carboxyl termini exposed on the cytoplasmic side.
SGLT proteins contain 14 transmembrane regions.

SGLT1: Background Information


Human Protein:
UniProt P13866

lumen of the small intestine, kidney, parotid glands, submandibular glands and in the heart

Function/ Application:
The role of the sodium-glucose cotransporters is to not only absorb glucose, but to also absorb sodium and to then reabsorb the sodium and glucose from the tubule of the nephron

glucose-galactose malabsorption disease


Glucose, galactose

SURFE2R transporter assays

Cell systems:
Stably-transfected GH4C1 cell line

Recommended Reviews:
Wright EM, Loo DD, Panayotova-Heiermann M, Lostao MP, Hirayama BH, Mackenzie B, Boorer K, Zampighi G (1994). 'Active' sugar transport in eukaryotes. The Journal of Experimental Biology. 196: 197–212.

Data and Applications

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2017 - An emerging technique for the characterization of transport proteins: SSM-based electrophysiology

Icon N1   SURFE²R N1 and    Icon 96SE   SURFE²R SE96 poster, 19th IUPAB / 11th EBSA congress 2017  logo pdf   (3.3 MB)

2015 - Studying Electrogenic Transporters of the SLC Family in a Parallel Way Utilizing Solid Supported Membrane Technology

Icon 96SE   SURFE²R N96 poster (a predecessor model of the SURFE²R 96SE) Biophysics 2015   logo pdf   (0.8 MB)

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