Recordings from a HEK cell expressing TRPV3 were made with the Patchliner showing activation by heat.

TRPV3 | Transient Receptor Potential Cation Channel Subfamily V Member 3

Transient  receptor potential channels


Most TRP channels are composed of 6 transmembrane domains (helices) with intracellular N- and C-termini, non-selectively permeable to various cations

TRPV3: Background information

TRPV3 is a putative receptor-activated non-selective calcium permeant cation channel. It is activated by innocuous (22°C - 40°C) temperatures and shows an increased response at noxious temperatures greater than 39 degrees Celsius. Activation exhibits an outward rectification.


Human Protein:
UniProt Q8NET8

Widely expressed in the human body, abundantly expressed in the CNS, keratinocyte layers of the outer root sheath and matrix of the hair follicles

Function/ Application:
TRPV3 plays a role in a variety of processes, including temperature sensation and vasoregulation. TRPV3 is a negative regulator of hair growth and cycling: TRPV3-coupled signaling suppresses keratinocyte proliferation in hair follicles and induces apoptosis and premature hair follicle regression (catagen)

Olmsted syndrome (OLMS), Palmoplantar keratoderma, non-epidermolytic, focal 2 (FNEPPK2).
Selective TRPV3 inhibition is being investigated for therapeutic potential for treatment of chronic pruritus, skin allergy, or inflammation-related skin diseases.

TRPV3 may form a heteromeric channel with TRPV1, and it interacts with Calmodulin, epidermal growth factor receptor, AKAP79 (AKAP-5)

Carvacrol, thymol, eugenol, camphor, 2-APB, isopentenyl diphosphate, aspirin-triggered resolvin D1, forsythoside B, isopentenyl diphosphate, osthole, ruthenium red

Patch Clamp: whole cell, temperature control

Recommended Reviews:
International Union of Pharmacology. XLIII. Compendium of voltage-gated ion channels: transient receptor potential channels., Pharmacol Rev 55(4):591-6 Clapham, et al. 2003

Data and Applications

TRPV3 - Temperature Activation

icon pl   Patchliner data and applications:TRPV3 Patchliner
Cells were kindly supplied by Millipore.

Recordings from a HEK cell expressing TRPV3 were made with the Patchliner showing activation by heat. External solution was heated inside the Patchliner pipette to the temperature shown and applied to the cells. TRPV3 was activated at temperatures ≥ 38°C.



2021 - Activation and inhibition of assay-ready TRPA1 and TRPV cells: an automated patch clamp study

icon pap Port-a-Patch, icon pl   Patchliner and   icon sp96  SyncroPatch 384i (a predecessor model of SyncroPatch 384) Biophysical Society Meeting 2021  logo pdf   (1.5MB)

2016 - Next level toxicity screening: From single channel to overall cell behavior

Icon Orbit Mini   Orbit mini,   Icon CE   CardioExcyte 96 and   icon sp96   SyncroPatch 384PE (a predecessor model of the SyncroPatch 384) poster, Meeting of the French Society of Toxinology (SFET) 2015  logo pdf   (0.9 MB)

2015 - The backstage pass to study your favorite TRP channel

icon pap   Port-a-Patch and   icon pl   Patchliner and  icon sp96   SyncroPatch 384PE  (a predecessor model of the SyncroPatch 384) poster, TRP Meeting 2015   logo pdf   (2.2 MB)

Application Notes


2019 - Purification of Functional Human TRP Channels Recombinantly Produced in Yeast

Icon Orbit Mini   Orbit mini publication in Cells (2019)

Zhang L., Wang K., Klaerke D.A., Calloe K., Lowrey L., Pedersen P.A., Gourdon P., Gotfryd K.

2015 - Novel screening techniques for ion channel targeting drugs

icon pl  Patchliner,   icon sp96   SyncroPatch 384PE (a predecessor model of SyncroPatch 384i) and   Icon CE   CardioExcyte 96 publication in Channels (2015)

Obergrussberger A., Stölzle-Feix S., Becker N., Brüggemann A., Fertig N., Möller C.

2015 - Different Ligands of the TRPV3 Cation Channel Cause Distinct Conformational Changes As Revealed by Intrinsic Tryptophan Fluorescence Quenching

icon pap  Port-a-Patch and   icon vpp   Vesicle Prep Pro publication in Journal of Biological Chemistry (2015)

Billen B., Brams M., Debaveye S., Remeeva A., Alpizar Y.A., Waelkens E., Kreir M., Brüggemann A., Talavera K., Nilius B., Voets T., Ulens C.

2011 - Thermosensitive transient receptor potential channels in human corneal epithelial cells

icon pap   Port-a-Patch publication in Journal of Cellular Physiology (2011)

Mergler S., Garreis F., Sahlmüller M., Reinach P.S., Paulsen F., and Pleyer U.

2011 - State-of-the-art automated patch clamp devices: heat activation, action potentials, and high throughput in ion channel screening

icon pap   Port-a-Patch,   icon pl  Patchliner and   icon sp96   SyncroPatch 96 (a predecessor model of SyncroPatch 384PE) publication in Frontiers in Pharmacology (2011)

Stoelzle S., Obergrussberger A., Brüggemann A., Haarmann C., George M., Kettenhofen R., Fertig N.

2010 - TRPV channels mediate temperature-sensing in human corneal endothelial cells

icon pap  Port-a-Patch publication in Experimental Eye Research (2010)

Mergler S., Valtink M., Coulson-Thomas V.J., Lindemann D., Reinach P.S., Engelmann K., Pleyer U.

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