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Our collaboration partner Nexel is offering iPSC-derived cells for Assays on Nanion's Instruments

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NEXEL is progressing with a sense of mission to make a better world through the commercialization of stem cell research. With NEXEL’s cutting-edge technologies, NEXEL manufactures human cell products derived from iPS Cell to develop more efficient tools for new drug discovery / development, and various innovative applications.

The following cells were validated on Nanion's Instruments:

Cardiac cells
NEXEL’s Cardiosight-S® provides a highly pure (≥95%) and mature population of cardiomyocytes differentiated from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC) with validated human cardiac characteristics and functions. These cardiomyocytes accurately and reproducibly predict human cardiac toxicity in vitro, proving a useful tool for safety pharmacology testing and drug screening. They also support various research platforms such as 3D bioprinting, lab-on-a-chip, and organoid.

Collaborative Activities with Nexel

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Cardiomyocytes - "FLEXcyte 96 recordings in comparison to in vivo and in vitro cardiac muscle contraction via MUSCLEMOTION data"

Icon FLEX   FLEXcyte 96 application note  logo pdf   (0.6 MB) 
Cardiosight-S® cardiomyocytes kindly provided by Nexel

NaV1.5-Late - Recorded from Cardiosight-S hiPSC-CMs

PaPmini NaVLate NEXEL

icon papm   Port-a-Patch mini data and applications:
Cells were kindly provided by Nexel.

NaV-Late was induced by application of ATX II in Cardiosight-S® cells on the Port-a-Patch mini. Example traces are shown on the top with the response to the voltage ramp (CiPA protocol) shown in the inset. The timecourse of the experiment is shown on the bottom, with block by ranolazine.


Digoxin Concentration response curves

FLEXcyte DigoxinIcon FLEX   FLEXcyte 96 data and applications:
Cells were kindly provided by NEXEL.

Acute effects of digoxin on hiPSC cardiomyocytes (Cardiosight®-S). Overlay of mean beats at 60 min after application of several digoxin concentrations (1 nM – 10 µM). Bar graphs depict development of beating amplitude over 60 min for the same digoxin concentrations. Concentrations > 1 µM predominately promote cytotoxic effects.




Detection of cardiac arrhythmia

FLEXcyte Arrhythmia data

Icon FLEX   FLEXcyte 96 data and applications:
Cells were kindly provided by NEXEL.

Contractile behavior of NEXEL cells. DataControl software allows an overview on mean beats including standard deviations from all 96-wells. Thus, arrhythmia or rhythmic beating can be judged at a glance.


Positive Inotropes - Omecamtiv Mecarbil myosin complex activation

FLEXcyte Myosin Complex Activation Data front

Icon FLEX   FLEXcyte 96 data and applications:
Cells were kindly provided by NEXEL.

Omecamtiv mecarbil increased both the contraction amplitude as well as the duration of the contraction-relaxation-cycle, indicating the positive inotropic effect based on activation of the myosin complex. The symmetry of the contraction-relaxation-cycle was not changed. 
Read the Application Note here.


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