Nanion Customers & Collaboration Partners:

Major CROs worldwide rely on the SyncroPatch 384i as their ion channel workhorse!

Would you like to have 384 expert patch clamp electrophysiologists working for you?

If you’re working as a CRO you can confirm that flexibility, high data quality, simplicity, reliability and cost effectiveness are key requirements when choosing your laboratory equipment.

The SyncroPatch 384i is an automated patch clamp system which not only ticks all of these boxes, but goes a little bit further.

Whatever your experimental plan is, the SyncroPatch 384i offers such vast flexibility it can be easily implemented to study the wide target variety recorded at CROs. It has different modes of operation to cater for assay development and small screens right through to screening large compound libraries, with the data quality you’d expect from manual patch clamp. In addition, the cost per data point is one tenth compared to lower throughput systems.

Don’t want to sit and wait for the experiments to finish? Run the SyncroPatch 384i in unattended operation mode and let the robot do the work for you! Download the Application Note Here

For these reasons, and many more including our exceptional application support, major CROs worldwide rely on the SyncroPatch 384i as their ion channel workhorse.

Whether you're working on channelopathies, viroporins, respiratory diseases, or have any other exciting project involving ion channels, the SyncroPatch 384i is the system for you.

User Testimonials!

Jeff Axxam Testimonial 916x490 thumbnail

Jean-Francois Rolland, Ph.D
(Head of Electrophysiology - Axxam SpA)

Yuri CRL Testimonial 916x490 thumbnail

Dr. Yuri Kuryshev
(Principle Scientist - Charles River Laboratories)

Evotec 916x490 thumbnail

Caterina Virginio, PhD
(Discovery Electrophysiology Senior Manager - Evotec)

Dr. Stephen Hess
(Research Leader, Ion Channels - Evotec)


Igor ChanPharm Testimonial 916x490 thumbnail

Dr. Igor Baburin
(Head of Screening - ChanPharm GmbH)

David SBDD Testimonial 916x490 thumbnail

Dr. David Dalrymple
(Director - SB Drug Discovery)

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