Our partner Assay.Works offers high quality assay and screening services using Nanion's Instruments

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Assay.Works is a contract research organization (CRO) providing research services to pharmaceutical/biotech companies and academic organizations in form of fee-for-service work. Our mission is to accelerate our partner's research programs by developing and executing predictive and scalable assays to quantify the bioactivity of novel chemical and biological entities. We combine scientific rigor with our domain expertise in laboratory automation, informatics, and industry best practices to turn challenging assays into quantitative, reproducible results. Assay.Works’ service portfolio includes Assay Development, Cell Line Engineering and Production of Cellular Reagents, Bioactivity Assessments, Quantitative Biology Applications, and High-Throughput Screening (HTS).

Assay.Works offers SURFE²R assays "As-a-Service":

Backed by Nanion’s electrophysiology expertise and technical know-how, Assay.Works offers assay development, proof-of-principle studies, and compound screening on the SURFE²R 96SE as an economic, low-risk option for researchers seeking predictive assays for membrane transporters.

Assay.Works Services include:

  • Cells and Membranes
    • Cell culture scaleup and bulk production
    • Cell engineering; transient and stable expression
    • Tissue fractionation
    • Membrane preparation
  • Assay Services
    • De novo assay development
    • Assay optimization and scaleup (96-well)
    • Proof-of-principle studies using reference compounds
  • Compound Screening
    • Exploratory screening, hit explosion
    • Compound characterization, mode-of-action, profiling
    • Assay support for structure-activity relationship (SAR)
  • Sample Bank
    • Small molecule compound libraries
    • Annotated bio.active compound sets
    • Contact-free dispensing and serial dilution
    • Professional sample management

Dr. Ralf Schwandners presented "SURFE²R as a service - closing the gap between technology and application" at Nanion's 10th User Meeting 2019:

Download the full presentation as pdf file here.

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