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Ncardia believes that stem cell technology will help to get better medicines to patients faster. Ncardia develops produces & commercialises highly predictive human cellular assay systems for safety and efficacy testing. The cardiac product portfolio encompasses a broad panel of hiPSC-derived cardiac and neural cell types. In addition, the company delivers the Cardioplate™ product line of quality controlled ready to use assay plates. Ncardia delivers working assay solutions & extensive support.

Ncardia's services include:

  • Cardio.Effect Service (this service is offered on Nanion's CardioExcyte 96)
    Ncardia’s Cardio.Effect Service provides a cardiac safety assessment of drug candidates over a longer time frame (up to 48 hours). Besides acute drug effects, the assay is capable of revealing chronic cytotoxicity and traffic inhibition of important cardiac ion channels such as hERG. Due to its cost-effectiveness, this service is ideal for screening larger numbers of compounds.

  • Cardio.Long Service
    Ncardia’s Cardio.Long Service provides a cardiac safety profile of your test compounds over a longer time frame. The basis of this service consists of a combination of electrophysiology and impedance monitoring of fully functional and validated hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes after compound treatment, which is followed by a thorough analysis by our electrophysiology and impedance experts.

  • Cardio.Acute Service
    Ncardia’s in-house Cardio.Acute Service provides acute cardiac safety profiles of test compounds based on the electrophysiology of fully functional and validated human cardiomyocytes.

  • Cardio.Plex Service
    Ncardia’s Cardio.Plex Services provides a multiparametric analysis to investigate potential cardiotoxicity of test compounds over a relatively long time span. A combination of functional and structural toxicity analysis in fully functional and validated hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes after compound treatment forms the basis of this service.

  • Cardio.Flux Service
    Ncardia's Cardio.Flux Service provides cardiac safety assessment by monitoring spontaneous Ca2+ transients in hiPSC-derived Cor.4U® or Pluricyte® cardiomyocytes with the capability for high throughput (HT). Acute drug effects on the electrophysiology of cardiomyocytes can be detected with the Cardio. Flux Service. The Service expedites decision making at early stages of preclinical drug development.

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