Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute 

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute is an independent, not-for-profit, medical research facility that is dedicated to finding cures for cardiovascular disease. The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute uses innovative transplantation techniques, and conducts complex molecular and genetic analysis to make world class discoveries. It is a global centre-of-excellence, integrating advanced stem cell research, regenerative medicine and bio-engineering using cutting-edge technology.

Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute Mission
The relief of pain and suffering, and the promotion of well-being, through an understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of cardiovascular biology in health and disease.

Project Summary

The group around Jamie Vandenberg has validated a high-throughput functional phenotyping assay capable of distinguishing benign from pathogenic KCNH2 variants, and to screen for drugs that bind to WT and mutant hERG K+ channels, using the SyncroPatch 384PE.

“In my lab we use the SyncroPatch 384PE, as it allows us to reliably screen KCNH2 mutations, the gene encoding hERG K+ channels, in high-throughput. We have started to screen large mutation libraries and we are very happy with the results to date.”

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