• Annual User Meeting Munich 25.-26. October

    Annual User Meeting Munich 25.-26. October

  • Nanion Technologies: Smart Tools for Ion Channel Research

    Nanion Technologies: Smart Tools for Ion Channel Research

  • CardioExcyte 96 SOL: Pacing Cardiomyocytes with Light

    CardioExcyte 96 SOL: Pacing Cardiomyocytes with Light

  • SURFE²R 96SE: Label-free HTS Transporter Screening

    SURFE²R 96SE: Label-free HTS Transporter Screening

  • Bilayer recordings: Orbit product family

    Bilayer recordings: Orbit product family

Our Product Portfolio

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CardioExcyte 96





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Orbit 16

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Orbit Mini

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Vesicle Prep Pro

21.-22.06.2018 | Nanion User Meeting USA

180621 event image User Meeting USA

Conference Venue: Hyatt Regency Hotel, 575 Memorial Dr., Cambridge MA 02139, USA

Download the booklet here (agenda included).

Thank you!

We thank all speakers and attendees for making this meeting a success.

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  • Symposium will be organized on the 21th of June, where we welcome our users and collaboration partners to present their most recent data and research of interest.
  • Workshop on the Nanion instrumentation family for Software Updates and Data Analysis will be organized on the 22nd of June.

  • Speakers:

Keynote: Prof. Dr. Christine Beeton, Baylor College, Texas, USA.
Title: Targeting potassium channels in rheumatoid arthritis."

Keynote: Dr. Mark Estacion, Yale School of Medicine, USA
Title: Precision medicine targeting pain: progress finding treatments for specific NaV1.7 mutations."

Dr. David Jones, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Title: "Targeting hERG K+ channel intracellular domains to manipulate channel function and cardiac repolarization"

Dr. Jun Chen, Genentech, Inc.
Title: "Molecular mechanisms for the activation and block of TRPA1 channel"

Dr. Al George Jr., Northwestern Medicine.
Title: "Decrypting variants of unknown significance in the channelopathies"

Dr. Shan Parikh, Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
Title: "High throughput investigation of contractile and electrophysiological properties of optically stimulated hiPSC-CM monolayers"

Dr. Stefan Braam, Ncardia.
Title: "iPSC derived cells in drug discovery and development"

Dr. Gary Aistrup, Masonic Medical Research Institute (MMRI), USA
Title: "CardioExcyte and SyncroPatch 384 High Throughput Assessment of Functional Abnormalities of Patient-Specific iPSC-CMs Harboring Multiple Mutations"

Dr. Jürgen Bosch, Case Western Reserve University.
Title: "Are two channels enough? The search for the missing piece."

Dr. Nicholas Last, Howard Hughes Medical Institute / Brandeis University.
Title: "Characterization of the curious pores of the Fluc fluoride channel with the Orbit Mini"

Dr. Scott MacDonnell, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.
Title: “Evaluation of MYH7-R403Q Patient-Derived iPSC Cardiomyocytes as an In-Vitro Model of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy”

Dr. Sami Noujaim, Univ. of South Florida
Title: “Antiarrhythmic Potential of Antimalarial Aminoquinolines”

Dr. Björn Knollman, Vanderbilt University
Title: "Genome-Editing of Isogenic hiPSC to Establish Pathogenicity of Genetic Variant of Unknown Significance"

Dr. Stephen Hess, Evotec
Title: "Finding Nav1.1 Enhancers on the SyncroPatch 384PE"

Dr. Andrea Brüggemann, Nanion Technologies.
Title: "Applications of the SyncroPatch 384PE: Safety Pharmacology and more."

Call for posters:

Posters will be on display for the whole day on June 21th; submission is free of charge, please contact corina.bot@naniontech.com with a title and brief abstract before May 21st
Note: Poster boards can accommodate 2ft by 2.5ft or 3x4ft posters.

This event is free to attend. Save your spot today:



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