Our mission has always been to become the first-choice partner for researchers in life science by providing outstanding instrumentation and expertise – to accelerate scientific development, drug discovery and ultimately improve lives. Our team of scientists and engineers is committed to constant development and improvement of our products to meet the needs of our customers.

The key to Nanion’s success has been the teamwork between electrophysiologists, engineers and software developers to provide reliable, flexible and high performance instruments to suit a wide variety of projects and throughput needs. It all started 20 years ago at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich where, during his PhD thesis under the guidance of Prof. Jan Behrends, Niels Fertig published the first paper ever demonstrating patch-clamp-on-a-chip with mammalian cells. The paper published in the Biophysical Journal in 2002 entitled “Whole Cell Patch Clamp Recording Performed on a Planar Glass Chip” was highlighted by an accompanying New&Notable feature article written by Fred Sigworth et al. from Yale University. In that very same year, Nanion Technologies was founded and had its first two employees: CEO Niels Fertig and CTO Michael George. In 2003 the management team was completed with CSO Andrea Brüggemann.

Today we are a global company with headquarters in Munich and daughter sites in USA, Japan, China and Denmark, distribution partners in India, Israel, Russia, Singapore, South Korea and Turkey; 10 product families and over 100 employees worldwide. Our core technology remains automated patch clamp, but over the years we have expanded our product portfolio to include instruments for bilayers and vesicles, transporters, contractility and field potentials.

Our focus will always be to provide the best instruments and support for our customers.

20 years of putting the A in APC 
a poem by Dr. Alison Obergrussberger - Scientific Communications Manager 

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20 Years of Nanion

Celebrating 20 Years of Nanion

Watch additional testimonials to commemorate the event here

20 Years of Innovation

Nanion Technologies GmbH is a privately owned biotechnology company with a growing portfolio of in-house developed analytical instruments for electrophysiological research and drug development. See below for "then and now pictures" of our Port-a-Patch and Patchliner and our major milestones over the years.

Nanion has been recognized for its innovation over the years winning the "Bayerischer Innovationspreis" in 2006, winning the "Deutscher Gründerpreis" and German STEP awards in 2009, and being nominated twice for the "Deutscher Zukunftspreis". We have a close relationship with our customers, collaborators and partners, adapting and improving our instruments to meet their needs.

Port-a-Patch: then and now
Patchliner: then and now


20 Years of Nanion

2003 Team
2007 Team
2007 Team
2011 Team
2019 Team

Our Story

Situated in the heart of Munich, we are a vibrant team of scientists and engineers with the goal of providing top quality instrumentation and customer service for a broad range of analytical applications. Since we were founded in 2002, Nanion has grown to one of the most respected automated patch clamp providers worldwide. With a focus on ion channels, we are committed to providing our customers with state-of-the-art technological solutions for all aspects of ion channel, transporter research and drug discovery, and we have expanded our product range to include extracellular recording techniques.

Through our employees we have a wealth of ion channel and electrophysiological expertise and base our technological developments on the needs of our academic and industrial customers. At our headquarters, engineers, scientists, and software developers work closely together under one roof to produce, assemble, improve and test every one of our devices and every batch of consumables that leaves the premises, so that you can be sure of the very best quality. We are a privately owned company, and our profit goes back into development of new and improved products.

Nanion Technologies HQ  growing since 2002

Hall of Fame

We are proud to have been awarded multiple prestigious prizes over the years! Check out some highlights below.

Preis für technologische Innovation. Genius Biotech Award des Landes Baden-Württemberg, March 2001
iKuh award für angewandte Nanotechnologie als Anerkennung für herausragende anwendungsorientierte Forschung im Bereich der Nanotechnologie, February 2003
Mittelstandsbetrieb 2005
Mittelstandsbetrieb 2005
Mittelstandsbetrieb 2005
Bayerischer Innovationspreis 2006
Nominated for Zukunftspreis 2007
Nominated for Zukunftspreis 2007
Deutscher Gründerpreis 2009
Deutscher Gründerpreis 2009
German STEP award 2009

About Zukunftspreis 2014 and our SyncroPatch 384

As one of the leading industrial nations, Germany is known for its strength in technical innovation and entrepreneurship with a strong focus on product quality.

DZP Logo Zusatz 03

The Deutscher Zukunftspreis (German Future Award), by which the German Federal President rewards cutting-edge technological innovations, which also have a high potential for commercial success and societal benefit, is the country's most prestigious award for technology and innovation. The team has been nominated for the SyncroPatch 384/768PE, which enabled completely new strategies in drug discovery and scientific research from it´s launch date on. Find out more here.

Niels Fertig, CEO
Andrea Brüggemann, CSO
Michael George, CTO
Michael, Andrea, Niels (left to right)
Michael, Andrea, Niels (left to right)
Nanion Management Team with Federal President Joachim Gauck

Our new SyncroPatch 384 is a revolutionary automated patch clamp system consisting of a patch clamp module integrated into the state-of-the-art pipetting robot Biomek i5. With 384 amplifier channels and a 384-pipetting head, all 384 cells are recorded in parallel, resulting in a throughput of 20,000 data points per day. With its ease-of-use and open design, the SyncroPatch 384 supports full automation and integration into HTS environments.

SP Instrument 2

SelectScience Scientists' Choice Awards Nomination

From biophysical characterization of Nobel Prize winning ion channels important in touch and temperature sensation, to routine safety testing of cardiac ion channels, the SyncroPatch 384 can do it all due to its high flexibility. The SyncroPatch 384 is an automated patch clamp device applicable to all aspects of ion channel drug discovery. We are delighted that the SyncroPatch 384 has been shortlisted for Best New Drug Discovery and Development Product of 2021!

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211227 blog image 1200x627 SelectScience Nomination SP384


Over the 20 years, Nanion has grown to a company with more than 100 employees worldwide, at the beginning offering just one product, the Port-a-Patch, which now has increased to nine product families for all aspects of ion channel research and drug discovery, safety pharmacology, bilayer measurements and transporter research. We are proud to have daughter companies in Japan, the US and China, and a worldwide distributor network.

Nanion Technologies Japan – since 2007
Establishment of Nanion KK in 2017
Nanion Tech. China team meets Nobel Prize winner, Erwin Neher, in 2010
Rodolfo starts as General Manager at Nanion Inc. USA, 2008
The US subsidiary company was established at the end of 2008
Nanion @ 1 Naylon Place, Livingston, NJ 07039, 2014-Present
Nanion @ 1 Naylon Place, Livingston, NJ 07039, 2014-Present

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