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07.12.2017: New PatchControl HT Software Release for the Patchliner

Now available: New PatchControl HT Release for the Patchliner

The new release of PatchControl HT, the software controlling the Patchliner, includes an update of PatchMaster. The integration of the most recent PatchMaster version with PatchControl HT enables the use of PatchMaster’s 'Multichannel' mode', automatically applying analysis functions to all enabled channels, and 'Polling' mode, to improve communication between the two softwares, much facilitating the design of recording protocols (trees and online analysis).
One recording function replaces all previous functions and automatically involves the reading of online results, thus, dramatically simplifying set-up and execution of online analysis functions.

New and improved analysis features such as steady state detection and automated IV plot analysis are also now available.

Click here to read the detailed flyer and contact for more information.


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