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22.01.2018: Call for Proposals - Nanion SURFE²R N1 Research Grant Application

The SURFE²R N1 is utilizing the solid supported membrane (SSM) -based electrophysiology for the measurements of electrogenic transporters (symporters, exchangers and uniporters) and pumps, whereby resolving transmembrane currents in real time. It is based on a SSM-coated sensor that carries a membrane sample containing the target protein (this can be membrane vesicles from cultured cells, native tissue or organelles as well as reconstituted protein in artificial liposomes). This technology has been used to study SLC-transporters, ATPases, bacterial transporters of the MFS, mitochondrial proton pumping complexes and many more. Find out more about the SURFE²R N1 System here.

Nanion Technologies, Inc. will provide a complete instrument, a bundle of consumables and an intense training on the method to a selected scientific facility in the USA for a 6-month project. Furthermore, Nanion scientists will support the project intensely.

Projects considered for sponsorship are the development of a new SURFE²R-based functional transporter assay or a scientific question concerning transporter function, inhibitors, or similar, involving an existing SURFE²R assay.

 Application Instructions:

Title: Nanion Technologies, Inc., Grant Application “New approaches in functional transporter research”

Please provide the following:

  • Name, e-mail, Lab, Address
  • Title of Proposal
  • Abstract (max. 250 words)
  • Specific Aims (max. 150 words)
  • Background/ significance (max. 250 words)

By submitting the Application, you agree on the following rules:

  • The Applicant submits a completed Grant Application to:
  • All entries must be submitted until the 16th of April 2018
  • Solely applicants from the USA are accepted.
  • The declared winning Applicant of the Nanion Research Grant agrees to report work product, data or results from the research proposal described in the Nanion Research Grant Application.
  • If the winning Applicant plans to publicly present or publish the work product, data and results of the research proposal described in the Application, the winning Applicant is required to inform Nanion Technologies, Inc. prioto such publication or presentation.
  • Nanion Technologies, Inc. reserves the right to utilize the research proposal of the winning Application for exhibition, promotion and marketing purposes in any medium.

Grant Committee and selection process:

  • The Grant committee comprises the SURFE²R Technology specialists from Nanion Technologies Inc. (Dr. Corina Bot) and Nanion Technologies GmbH Germany (Dr. Maria Barthmes and Dr. Andre Bazzone)
  • The Grant Committee will determine the winning recipient based on (i) the best in-depth, novel application demonstrated with the SURFE²R N1 instrument; (ii) scientific merit of the application.
  • The decision of the Grant Committee is subjective, at the Sponsor's sole discretion and will be final and cannot be appealed.

Award Notification and Award:

  • The winning application will receive a SURFE²R N1 System, consumables, a training during the installation and consultation up to 6 months.
  • The winner may be posted by Nanion Technologies in social media channels and on the webpage


  • This Promotion is sponsored by Nanion Technologies, Inc, 1 Naylon Place, Livingston, NJ 07039, USA.


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