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20.04.2020: Heat and Cold Ion Channel Activation - TRPV4 & TRPM8 Ion Channel

TRPV4 is a member of the transient receptor potential TRPV4 is a member of the transient receptor potential channel (TRP) family.

Additionally, TRPV4 has been implicated in a number of diseases including neuropathic and inflammatory pain, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, as well as cancer.

TRPM8 is a member of the transient receptor potential channel (TRP) family. TRPM8 is known to be a thermosensitive channel, activated by cold temperatures (below ~25˚C) and ligands such as menthol, Eucalyptol and icilin1-4.

Additionally, TRPM8 channels have been implicated to play a role in cancer (in particular prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer), and may provide novel clinical biomarkers and therapeutic targets for these types of cancers. 



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