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24.06.2020: Research Instrument Grants - 6 Days Left to Apply!

There are only 6 days left to apply for your chance to win an instrument; Free of Charge!

SyncroPatch 384i High-End Instrument Grant 

The SyncroPatch 384i is a high performance and highly flexible patch clamp device for recording from 384 wells simultaneously. The throughput can be up to 20,000 data points per day with data quality comparable with manual patch clamp. The SyncroPatch 384i is also ideally suited for academic projects with its Expert Mode of operation, the ability to record from part of the plate for assay development or smaller projects, and its powerful data acquisition and analysis software.

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FLEXcyte 96 Research Grant 

Analyze the contractility of your human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes or other contractile cells in vitro: The FLEXcyte 96 technology utilizes a disposable unique 96-well plate with incorporated 10 µm polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) membranes (FLX-96 plates): The cells adhere as monolayers on the flexible substrate. This unique technology allows for recordings in a native-like environment.

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