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16.07.2020 - Application Note: Electrophysiological recordings of LGIC and AA transporters in iCell® GlutaNeurons

Application Note - Electrophysiological recordings of LGIC and AA transporters in iCell® GlutaNeurons

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About the SURFE²R N1

In contrast to conventional patch-clamp electrophysiology, the SURFE²R (surface electrogenic event reader) technology is designed for the measurements of electrogenic transporters (symporters, exchangers and uniporters) and pumps. Usually these proteins have low turnover rates compared to ion channels. SURFE²R technology compensates for that with a large sensor size which allows for the measurement of up to 109 transporters at the same time to yield the best signal to noise ratio. The SURFE²R N1 was designed for basic research and universities. When higher throughput is required, the SURFE²R 96SE is able to measure 96 sensors in a fully parallel mode.

Features of the SURFE²R N1

  • Automated recordings with up to 52 different solutions
  • 150 data points per day
  • All-in-one device, including liquid handling, electrophysiology hardware and computer
  • Easy-to-learn, ideal for teaching

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