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12.08.2020: Publication Alert - Human TRPA1 is an inherently mechanosensitive bilayer-gated ion channel

hTRPA1 is an inherent mechanosensitive channel that like the other mammalian mechanosensitive channels TREK-1, TREK-2, TRAAK and Piezo are gated by force-from-lipids.


The role of mammalian Transient Receptor Potential Ankyrin 1 (TRPA1) as a mechanosensor is controversial. Here, we report that purified human TRPA1 (hTRPA1) with and without its N-terminal ankyrin repeat domain responded with pressure-dependent single-channel current activity when reconstituted into artificial lipid bilayers. The hTRPA1 activity was abolished by the thiol reducing agent TCEP. Thus, depending on its redox state, hTRPA1 is an inherent mechanosensitive ion channel gated by force-from-lipids.

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