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13.11.2020 - A deep-dive into ClC: Chloride/Proton Exchanger

ClC - Chloride/Proton Exchanger


The Chloride Carrier/Channel Family is a large but poorly understood family consisting of several hundred sequenced proteins from bacteria and eucaryotes. Although structurally similar, the individual proteins act either as chloride channels or as chloride/proton exchangers. Most CIC proteins are located in the plasma membrane, but several are predominantly in intracellular membranes.

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Application Note:

Here we present Ec-ClC activity measurements on the SURFE2R N1 instrument using proteoliposomes reconstituted with purified Ec-ClC at different lipid-to-protein ratios:

Download the Free Application Note - Electrophysiological recordings of the H+/Cl- exchanger Ec-ClC

Watch this On-Demand Presentation to learn how Dr. Matthias Quick is using SURFE2R Technology to investigate Membrane Transporters:


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