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15.12.2020: Poster - Smart SURFE2R: Efficient Concentration-Response Screening

Smart SURFE2R: Efficient Concentration-Response Screening on the SURFE2R 96SE


Solid-supported membrane (SSM)-based electrophysiology allows functional characterization of transporters which are otherwise difficult to investigate due to their
low turnover rate or intracellular localization. With 96 parallel measurements in a standard 96-well format, the SURFE2R 96SE is well suited to support compound characterization in Lead Discovery.
Given the number of data points needed to obtain robust concentration-response results, the cost of sensor plates and raw materials required to form the solid-supported
membrane remains a challenge.

In this case study, we demonstrate that a combination of cross-well and in-well concentration series can significantly increase the efficiency of concentration-response (CR) measurements on the SURFE2R 96SE without compromising data quality.

The in-well CR protocol adds an economic option for compound characterization to the SURFE2R "as-a-service" portfolio available at Assay.Works.

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