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10.11.2021: Nanion Newsbites - Temperature and mechanosensation: TRP and Piezo channels

Nanion Newsbites: October 2021 Highlights

In the latest edition of our quarterly recap we highlight our best moments of the 2021 User Meeting in Munich [watch the talks on-demand here], new software upgrade for the Patchliner [click here to watch a video demonstration].

Also, you have an opoprtunity to nominate Orbit 16 TC and SyncroPatch 384 for the SelectScience coveted Scientists' Choice Awards.

Featured Publications for download:

The suitability of high throughput automated patch clamp for physiological applicationsV1.7
[The Journal of Physiology]

The rescue of F508del-CFTR by elexacaftor/tezacaftor/ivacaftor (Trikafta) in human airway epithelial cells is underestimated due to the presence of ivacaftor
[European Respiratory Journal]

Blebbistatin protects iPSC-CMs from hypercontraction and facilitates automated patch-clamp based electrophysiological study
[Stem Cell Research]

The TRPV2 channel mediates Ca2+ influx and the Δ9-THC-dependent decrease in osmotic fragility in red blood cells

A Solid Supported Membrane Electrophysiology Assay for Efficient Characterization of Ion-Coupled Transport
[Journal of Biological Chemistry]

Structure and desensitization of AMPA receptor complexes with type II TARP γ5 and GSG1L
[Molecular Cell]

Upcoming Webinars:

Research Ins]i[ghts: Nanion's Transporter Webinar series
Session 5: Structure and Function of Na+ and H+ dependent transporters

Date: Dec 2, 2021, 10 AM EST / 4 PM CET


  • David Drew, Professor in Biochemistry, (Stockholm University)
  • Dr. Matthias Quick, Associate Professor of Neurobiology,
    Departments of Psychiatry and Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, (Columbia University Irving Medical Center)

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New On-Demand Content:

[Webinar]: Transporters in Drug Screening and Toxicity Testing
Watch Here

[Podcast]: Meet Katherine Henzler-Wildman (University of Wisconsin-Madison) & Nathan E. Thomas (University of California - San Diego)
Listen Here

[Video Interview]: Angelika Lampert and Ralf Hausmann. Researchers from the RWTH Aachen University discuss how they have used the SyncroPatch 384i after receiving the instrument grant award.
Watch Here

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