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22.12.2021: Port-a-Patch Stories - University of Pavia

Port-a-Patch - World's smallest patch clamp rig

Earlier this month Nanion's Application Scientist András Horváth installed a Port-a-Patch PERFUSION system at the Department of Biology and Biotechnology “Lazzaro Spallanzani,” University of Pavia, with Professor Francesco Moccia (middle) and PhD Student Sharon Negri (right).

The External Perfusion System for the Port-a-Patch is comprised of a computer controlled magnetic pinch valve panel and a dedicated temperature controllable flow chamber (TC Flow Chamber). Up to eight different solutions can be handled by the perfusion panel. Solutions can either be switched manually or via the software. The latter allows synchronization of data acquisition with solution exchange, as well as tagging of the collected traces with relevant information such as compound and concentration applied.

The TC Flow Chamber which is provided with the Perfusion Panel has a solution exchange time of <150 ms making it ideal for studies of both ligand and voltage gated channels.The Temperature Control feature of the TC Flow Chamber allows experiments at hot AND cold temperatures or application of short temperature pulses. Two components are used to heat or cool the solutions: a cannula for cooling/heating the solution during continuous perfusion, and a Peltier element integrated in the Faraday cage. This results in stable temperature maintenance whether or not the cell is perfused. A temperature sensor will provide real-time information of the bath solution and be monitored in PatchControl which can adjust the temperature with the click of a button.

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