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02.12.2022: Nanion Advent

Nanion Advent

Good experiences are worth remembering and that is why we bring you in this year the Nanion Advent.

1st Advent:

In the first advent week, we bring you some nice memories of our recently held The Nanion User Meeting. It is always a pleaseure to create spaces to discuss science and connect with you.


You can find a recap of the event here.
If you missed any of the interesting talks, you could watch it on-demand here.


2nd Advent:

In this 2nd advent week, we remember one of our favorite days in the year: Nanion day out!

It is always a great opportunity to have fun and celebrate together as team.

Find a summary of this wonderful day here.


3rd Advent:

We like hearing from, and connecting with you and what better occasion than at: Conferences!

Conferences are fun because we get to connect with you but also with our colleagues and collaborators worldwide.

The biggest Biophysics conference is the BPS and Nanion always has a great presence there. Next year, we have some cool surprises for you at BPS at our booth. You can already find information on where to find us here.


We are looking forward to meeting you in 2023!


4th Advent:

This year was very special for us at Nanion as we celebrated our 20 years anniversary!

These have been 20 years of development and growth to become one of the most respected automated patch clamp providers in the world, and your chosen partner.
We are grateful for your support and look forward to more successful years to come.

You can commemorate these wonderful 20 years with us by finding more information here: 20 Years of Nanion


From all of us at Nanion, we wish you a very Happy Christmas and a great start into 2023! 


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