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04.05.2022 | Cambridge Ion Channel Forum

220504 event image CICF

Conference Venue:
Petersfield Lecture Theatre
The Cambridge Building
Babraham Research Campus
Cambridge CB22 3AT

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Meet Elena Dragicevic

Nanion Senior Sales and Alliance Manager, Elena Dragicevic will present a poster
Wednesday, May 4th, 2022
Time slot: 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM BST
Title: "High throughput screening of ion channels using automated patch clamp: latest features and advances for drug discovery"


Ion channels are recognized as an important therapeutic target class for treating a number of different pathophysiologies, including pain, airway diseases and chronic cough. This target class is becoming even more important as the personalized medicine revolution evolves. Until recently, the main bottleneck in ion channel drug discovery was electrophysiological assays. In 2013, high throughput automated patch clamp (APC) devices for recording up to 384 simultaneously were introduced onto the market, which has revolutionized experiments involving ion channels. APC technology has had a major impact on ion-channel drug discovery and safety testing. Specialized technical features such as internal perfusion, fast external perfusion, temperature control and current clamp ensure that a wide variety of experiments can be performed. For example, CFTR involved in cystic fibrosis was activated by internal perfusion of fluoride, or external application of forskolin, TMEM16A was activated by the internal perfusion of free calcium and blocked by external application of niflumic acid. P2X3, involved in sensing nociceptive and gustatory stimuli, was activated by fast external application of ATP and blocked by A-317491. Additionally, the new temperature control of APC devices, such as SyncroPatch 384, allows cooling as well as heating. This can be used to activate temperature sensitive channels, such as TRPM8, an ion channel activated by cold temperatures. High throughput automated patch clamp is proving to be an important tool in channelopathy research for clarifying the significance of different variants and mutations identified from patients on channel kinetics and ultimately disease phenotype, improving compound screens for personalized medicine.

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Congratulations to Prof. Jackson and team (University of Cambridge) on winning 1st place during the poster presentantions! Wonderful work, and great data performed on the Patchliner!

2022 - Using single-chain variable fragments (scFv) to map the β3-subunit binding site on the pain-sensing sodium channel Nav1.7

About the CICF

The Cambridge Ion Channel Forum was created by Eddy Stevens and Clare Jones in 2011 as a joint initiative between Pfizer Neusentis and Medimmune. The concept was to create an environment for academic and industry scientists working within the ion channel field in the Cambridge area to share data and ideas. The basis of the meeting was ensure all presentations and discussions were based around scientific data with little focus on commercial aspects.

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