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06. - 07.06.2022 | Channelopathy 2022

220606 event image Channelopathy 2022

Conference Venue:
Québec City, QC, Canada (Online Event)

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Meet Tim Strassmaier

Nanion Director of Scientific Operations, Tim Strassmaier, will give a talk.

Presenter: Tim Strassmaier
Date: Thursday June 7th, 2022
Time slot: 12:30 PM EDT - 1:00 PM EDT
Title: Using high-throughput automated electrophysiology to characterize iPSC-derived excitable cells.


About Channelopathy 2022

Channelopathy 2022 plans to continue a tradition of international scientific meetings dedicated to the topic of channelopathy that began more than 20 years ago with the SkyTop conference when there were only a few recognized ion channel diseases. Today, more than 30 years after the first channelopathy discovery – the identification of CFTR mutations as the cause of cystic fibrosis – it is valuable to reflect on the extraordinary sequence of discoveries relevant to the structure, function, and molecular genetics for dozens of important ion channel molecules and their regulatory proteins. During these past 3 decades, the term ‘channelopathy’ has become woven into the lexicon of biomedical research and clinical medicine.

The organization of Channelopathy 2022 will place emphasis on broad scientific themes shared across channel types and diseases.

Nanion Technologies is a proud platinum sponsor of Channelopathy 2022.

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