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09. - 11.06.2022 | NIH DZHK CVBE Symposium 2022

220609 event image NIH DZHK CVBE Symposium 2022

Conference Venue:
German Primate Centre, Kellnerweg 4, 37077 Göttingen
Alte Mensa, Wilhelmsplatz 3, 37073 Göttingen
Aula, Wilhelmsplatz 1, 37073 Göttingen

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Meet Elena Dragicevic and Marta Lemme

Senior Sales and Alliance Manager, Elena Dragicevic and Application Scientist, Marta Lemme will be present. Join them at the booth and at the poster presentation session.
Time slot: 
Title: CardioExcyte 96 & FLEXcyte 96: high-throughput system for cardiac maturation and predictive non-clinical cardio-toxicological assessment
Presenter: Dr. Marta Lemme


CardioExcyte 96 (CE96) can easily and reliably record impedance-based contractility and extracellular field potentials of the same cells. This allows functional characterization of various cell lines and new drug candidates testing. CE96 has proved to be a valuable tool for the analysis of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (hiPSC-CMs). Several techniques have been developed to promote maturation of hiPSC-CMs towards an adult phenotype. CE96 allows to electrically stimulate the cells over a long period of time thereby promoting cardiac maturation. Recently, FLEXcyte 96 (FLX96), an add-on instrument for the CE96 platform, was developed to promote cardiac maturationto a higher extent. It allows culturing cells on thin silicone membranes, recapitulating the mechanical condition of the native human heart. This environment helps hiPSC-CMs to better develop towards a mature phenotype. The higher level of maturity was confirmed by structural and functional data. HiPSC-CMs cultured on FLX96 showed increased expression levels of cardio-specific genes and highly organized actin structures. On a functional level, the cells showed physiologic responses to cardio-safe and cardio-toxic gold standard compounds. In addition, long-term culture on FLX96 over 44 days showed a significant increase in contractile force amplitude and decrease in beat rate.

Moreover, FLX96 allows to mechanically stimulate the cells cultured on the flexible silicone membranes with a pneumatic pressure system. According to the settings of the imposed mechanical stimulation, it is possible to direct hiPSC-CMs towards maturation or alternatively generate specific disease models.

In conclusion, the combination of CardioExcyte 96 and FLEXcyte 96 allows to analyze electrical and mechanical activity of cardiomyocytes. The flexible silicone membranes of the FLEXcyte 96 promote cardiac maturation, thus providing a comprehensive solution for the assessment of human-based preclinical cardiac risk.

About NIH DZHK CVBE Symposium 2022

We are proud to have attracted the attention of world leaders in fundamental and translational heart failure research and at the same time provide a platform for Young Investigators to present their innovative research. We expect vibrant discussions as to the identification of novel therapeutic targets and strategies to advance the state-of-the-art experimental knowledge into clinical applications.

At the Göttingen partner site of the DZHK (German Center for Cardiovascular Research), we are fully dedicated to translating innovative heart failure therapeutics into first-in-patient studies and beyond. Many of the innovations at the Göttingen Campus originate from fundamental research conducted within the framework of the Göttingen Cluster of Excellence „Multiscale Bioimaging: from Molecular Machines to Networks of Excitable Cells“ and the Collaborative Research Center 1002 „Modulatory Units in Heart Failure“. The NIH Progenitor Cell Translational Consortium/Cardiovascular Bioengineering Consortium (PCTC/CVBE) has a similarly rich breeding ground and translational mission. By joining forces to organize the 2022 DZHK/NIH symposium in Göttingen we aim to foster collaborations between leading labs to realize the promise of individualized heart failure repair.

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