Press Releases

19.04.2010 | Final success in Nanion’s opposition against Molecular Devices patent

MUNICH, GERMANY, April 19, 2010 -- 'Increased freedom to operate for everyone in automated patch clamping'

Nanion Technologies GmbH (Nanion), a supplier of automated, parallel patch-clamp systems based in Munich, Germany, today announced that a Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO) has overturned an earlier decision of the Opposition Division to uphold patent EP 1,040,349 owned by Molecular Devices, Inc. (MDC).

Read the full press release here.

15.02.2010 | Product Catalog has been updated

MUNICH, GERMANY, February 15, 2010 -- Nanion's Product Catalog has been updated. Check it out for the latest product information.

SyncroPatch®96 - Giga-seal recordings from 96 cells in parallel

Suction Control Pro - Pressure clamp extension for Nanion's second generation Suction Control for the Port-a-Patch®

Ultra-Fast Perfusion System - Nanion's new Add-On for the Port-a-Patch®

Download our new Product Catalog here.

26.11.2009 | Nanion Overall Winner of the Step Award 2009

MUNICH, GERMANY, November 26, 2009 -- Nanion Technologies GmbH was announced the overall winner of the STEP Award 2009, a business award for innovative and fast-growing companies. More than 120 companies competed in this year's STEP Award and Nanion as the grand prize-winner receives a cash prize of € 50,000 and a comprehensive service package worth the same amount.

Read the full press release here.

21.07.2009 | New Patchliner Application Note: Heat activation of TRPV1

MUNICH, GERMANY, July 21, 2009 -- Nanion’s Patchliner® allows temperature controlled experiments, either at physiological temperatures or by application of temperature jumps.

Here, TRPV1 receptors were activated by noxious temperatures (>42 ˚C) using the temperature regulation feature of the Patchliner®. Solution were heated to temperatures up to 60 ˚C in the pipette and rapidly applied to the cell, transiently activating TRPV1 channels. The temperature responses were compared to capsaicin activation, and could also be blocked by co-application of antagonist and tempered solutions.

Download the TRPV1 application note here.

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