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07.02.2018 | Søren Friis appointed Director of Global Customer Relations at Nanion

MUNICH, GERMANY February 7, 2018-- Nanion Technologies is pleased to announce that Søren Friis has been promoted to Director of Global Customer Relations at Nanion. Søren Friis was most recently Senior Application scientist at Nanion. He holds a very strong track record in developing advanced assays for automated patch clamp systems and for providing excellent support to customers world-wide in pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

Since the introduction of the high-throughput ion channel screening platform, SyncroPatch 384/768PE in late 2013 the platform has been installed globally in numerous ion channel screening and research laboratories. With a rapidly increased installed base mainly in pharmaceutical companies and CROs Nanion has launched an initiative to intensify the focus on the specific needs and requirements of pharmaceutical companies.

As an important part of the intensified focus on pharmaceutical companies Nanion has decided to promote Søren Friis to a newly created role as Director of Global Customer Relations. Søren has a large network in the pharmaceutical industry from customer support positions, and he has been working intensively with product and assay development on several automated patch clamp platforms since these platforms emerged more than a decade ago. During his work he has obtained a unique knowledge that pharma companies will benefit from in his new role.

Read the full press release here.

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