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25.11.2021 | Nanion User Meeting Japan

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Meeting Venue

Welcome to the 2021 Nanion User Meeting - Japan!

Date and time:
Start: November25th, 2021 [13:30 PM JST]
End: November 25th, 2021 [18:00 PM JST]

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Access the agenda of the User Meeting here:

Agenda (Additional speakers may be announced; program subject to change)

Confirmed Speakers:

Takayuki Oka
Nanion Technologies Japan K.K., Representative director
Introduction and opening remarks
Thursday, 25th, November at 13:30 PM JST

Junko Kurokawa

Department of Bio-informational Pharmacology, Univeristy of Shizuoka

Presenting: SyncroPatch384を用いたhERGアッセイにおけるエストロゲンの影響の解析
Analysis of the effect of estrogen on the hERG assay using SyncroPatch384
WHEN: Thursday, 25th, November at 13:40 PM JST


Mitsuyoshi Shimane
Nanion Technologies Japan K.K., Application support manager
Presenting: 心毒性評価システムCardioExcyte96/FLEXcyte96 のご紹介
Thursday, 25th, November at 14:10 PM JST

Masafumi Doi, Sanae Ishii, Ayano Yamada
Discovery Pharmacokinetics Research Group, Pharmaceutical & ADMET Research Department, Diplomate of the Japanese Society of Toxicology, Daiichi Sankyo RD Novare Co., Ltd.

Presenting: CardioExcyte 96/ FLEXcyte 96を用いた催不整脈及び収縮力評価系の構築
WHEN: Thursday, 25th, November at 14:20 PM JST


[Intermission/Coffee Break 14:40 PM JST]

Sonja Stölzle-Feix
Director, Scientific Affairs, Nanion Technologies GmbH
Presenting: In vitro best practice considerations embedded in the ICH E14/S7B draft [Presentation in English*]
Thursday, 25th, November at 15:00 PM JST

The ICH S7B and E14 Q&As are being finalized managed by the Implementation Working Group. Since implementation of ICH S7B, in vitro assay and in vivo QT assay have been successful as a part of the core battery assays to safely bring investigational drugs to human studies, and lessons have been learned on how to best perform the assays.

This presentation will focus on clear recommendations of what should be provided for an in vitro assay, giving answers to Q2.1 in the E14/S7B draft "What are best practice considerations when evaluating drug potency on affecting cardiac ionic currents using the patch clamp method and overexpression cell lines?".

Acknowledging the predictive value of the core assays (in vitro patch clamp studies and in vivo QT assay), two scenarios to use such nonclinical data to inform clinical decision making will be presented. These “double-negative” nonclinical assessments can be used for clinical decision-making to more accurately determine TdP risk.

Kiyoshi Takasuna
In vitro Tox Lead, Discovery DMPK and Toxicology, Integrated & Translational Science, Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc.

Presenting: Screening phase におけるS7B in vitro Best practices の選択
WHEN: Thursday, 25th, November at 15:20 PM JST


Markus Rapedius
Senior Scientist/Manager Biological Safety, Nanion Technologies GmbH
Presenting: Application Update: Introduction to NPC384T, the new and improved consumable type, Fluoride Free Recordings as well as Characterization of Piezo1 channels on the SyncroPatch 384 [Presentation in English*]
WHEN: Thursday, 25th, November at 15:50 PM JST


Selecting the appropriate consumable type is a crucial step in assay development depending on cell type, target expression profile and type of experiment to conduct. Our new consumable product line of NPC-384T chips aims to facilitate consumable selection while maintaining assay performance at the same time. The thinner piece of borosilicate glass used in these chips yields a shorter patch pore, lower contact and series resistance. During internal evaluations as well as external beta-tests we have identified the need for two new consumable types, namely S(mall)- / L(arge)-Type based on the patch hole size. Both types show improved properties over standard chips under same experimental conditions and aim to be the future chips of choice for the SyncroPatch 384. Additionally, as part of Nanion’s constant development, we also report the improvement in our APC applications. Firstly, we now developed an approach that allows for complete fluoride-free recordings without the necessity of CaF2 or other insoluble ion pairs at the interface of the patch clamp substrate which is possible by special consumable priming. The approach is implemented as a fully automated process taking place before the recording can be executed as usual. Lastly, we have tackled the relatively new class of eukaryotic mechanosensitive Piezo channels, which have recently gained enormous medical/scientific interest with new physiological function/roles constantly emerging. Using the flexibility to modify pipetting routines as well as customized consumables of the SyncroPatch 384, we are happy to provide an application where it was possible to stimulate Piezo1 channel activity in HEK, N2A - as well as Red Blood Cells. Besides chemical activation, Piezo1 channels were also activated by mechanical stimuli as well as the combination of both approaches. We are confident that these approaches will broaden the range of applications possible on the SyncroPatch 384 even further.

[Intermission/Coffee Break 16:20 PM JST]

Fitzwilliam Seiberts
University of Göttingen
Presenting: High performance characterisation of atrial cardiomyocytes [Presentation in English*]
WHEN: Thursday, 25th, November at  16:40 PM JST


Frank Henrichsen
Director of Global Sales, Nanion Technologies GmbH
Presenting: Highlights of the new SyncroPatch 384 [Presentation in English*]
WHEN: Thursday, 25th, November at 17:10 PM JST


Online Reception party (Zoom)
WHEN: Thursday, 25th, November at 18:00 PM JST

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