Nanion Webinars

May 2021 - Secondary transport inhibition and regulation by SSM-electrophysiology

210506 Camilo Christine Webinar


Professor Dr. Christine Ziegler
(University of Regensburg, Faculty of Biology and Pre-Clinics, Institute of Biophysics and physical Biochemistry, Structural Biology-Biophysics II)

Professor Dr. Camilo Perez, Professor
(University of Basel, Biozentrum, Center for Molecular Life Sciences)

Session Abstract: 

Secondary active transporters utilize existing concentration gradients in cells for the uphill transport of molecules. As the coupled substrates are typically ions, mostly sodium or protons, many of these transporters are electrogenic. Their characteristics can be investigated using electrophysiological techniques like SSM-based electrophysiology. In the second session of the Transporter Webinar Series we meet Christine Ziegler and Camilo Perez, who share their stories about using this technology to investigate inhibition and regulation of secondary active transporters.

Date: 6. May 2021
Time: 4PM CEST, 10AM EDT

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