Nanion Webinars

October 2021 - Transporters in Drug Screening and Toxicity Testing

211021 Roberta Thomas Webinar


Dr. Roberta Benedetto, Scientist; Assay.Works
Title: SURFE2R-Based Assays for Mitochondrial Toxicity Screening and Intestinal Transporter-Mediated Drug Delivery

Dr. Thomas Licher, Head of Integrated Drug Discovery; Sanofi
Title: SSM-Based Technology for Screening of Transporter Modulating Compounds – a Case Study

Session Abstract: 

Transport proteins and pumps are getting more established as drug targets. However, the set of available technologies for screening and hit validation is lean. In session four of the Transporter Webinar Series we hear from experts in the pharma field how SSM-based electrophysiology can support transporter drug screening as a potent tool.

Date: 12. October 2021
Time: 4PM CEST, 10AM EDT

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