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December 2021 - Comprehensive Technologies for Quantitative Analysis of Cell Physiology

211207 blog image 1200x627 MIT Webinar Comprehensive Technologies for Quantitative Analysis of Cell Physiology


Elena Dragicevic, PhD
Senior Sales and Alliance Manager (Nanion Technologies)

Laurie A. Boyer, PhD
Professor of Biology and Biological Engineering (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

About the webinar: 

In this webinar we will highlight impedance-based platforms (CardioExcyte 96 and FLEXcyte 96) and a high-throughput automated patch clamp (APC) instrument, the SyncroPatch 384.

The broad range and versatility of cell-based assays easily performed with these Automated Patch Clamp and cell monitoring systems, make them an excellent choice for integration into a core cell screening center/therapy/ biomanufacturing facility and traditional academic labs around the globe. 

Date: 7. December 2021
Time: 12 PM EST, 6 PM CET

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