Nanion Webinars

September 2022 - Functional characterization and substrate binding kinetics of the Na+ cotransporters SGLT1 and GAT1

220908 Andre Rocco Webinar


Dr. Andre Bazzone, Senior Scientist (Nanion Technologies)
Title: Sugar binding and translocation in SGLT1: SSM-based electrophysiology reveals sugar occluded intermediates

Rocco Zerlotti, Ph.D. Student (Nanion Technologies)
Title: Individual charge translocations upon GABA, Na+ and Cl- binding to human GAT-1 indicate conformational flexibility

Session Abstract: 

In eucaryotes, sodium gradients are a common energy source to drive the uptake of a large variety of substrates. In the second session of our Transporter Webinar Series 2022, Andre Bazzone and Rocco Zerlotti will present new insights to Na+ dependent substrate translocation pathways. Studies on the sugar transporter SGLT1 and the neurotransmitter transporter GAT1 revealed detailed kinetic information from substrate induced, electrogenic pre steady-state reactions.

Date: 08. September 2022 (Join Live or Access On-Demand)
Time: 10 AM EDT, 4 PM CEST

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